Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some pictures

You want some pictures? Here are some pictures.

This is a bull with another bull under it and a tiger biting its tail. It is in Kunming. I don't understand it.

Some animal people outside a restaurant in Kunming.

The same.

Me standing in front of a huge gate near our hostel.

Some pictures of our room at the Hump.

Don't drink and drive.

If you're going to graffiti, don't do it on a cop's torso.

A street in Lijiang, I think.

So we met this really old doctor named Doctor He. He was pretty cool.

Get it?

New Facebook profile pic. Me in front of Mao.

Walter doing the same. Of the two of us, Walter is clearly the better photographer.
Tomorrow morning I leave for the Gorge. There might be internet at some of the hostels in the gorge, but I would not be surprised if there is not. As always, I'll get in touch again as soon as we arrive somewhere with internet, but don't be surprised if that's in like, a week.

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