Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maybe a Poor Judgement Call in Retrospect

So today Walter and I went and explored some of the Naxi villages with a guy named Richard He. This is how this went down:

Walter and I got in from the bus station and arrived at the hostel around 8:30ish. We then proceded to wait several hours in the lobby till the room we had reserved was deemed fit for us to occupy. After checking into our room and taking some much-needed showers to wash the smell of the overnight bus off, we decided to tackle the challenge of lunch.

We found this nice restaraunt but inside we were approached by this guy who claimed to be a local tour guide. He was one of the Naxi people and offered to give us a tour around to some of the smaller Naxi villages. We tried to blow him off, but long story short he was just too endearing to tell no and we argued him down to half his original price, so we were like fuck it, let's go.

Once I was inside this guy's van, it occurred to me that he could easily murder us and dump our bodies in the mountains and no one would ever fucking know. But he didn't and we actually had a pretty good time buying knicknacks and seeing some cool shit and we didn't die and now we're back at the hostel not being dead.

Unrelated to my travels: I was gonna throw a wikipedia link up there to Naxi, but Wikipedia is blacking out for the next 24 hours in protest of SOPA. If you don't know about SOPA, go to Google and check out today's doodle. Then do something to stop it from happening. Once the blackout is over I'll put up the link I was gonna.

-Peace, OUT

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