Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I know it's been a while, but I'm terrible at blogging. I'll stop apologizing and instead just start blogging again.

Today in my orange book class, we did presentations wherein the students were charged to create a new sports product, be it a drink, piece of equipment, or other. One group of girls created a sports drink called "Nikadias," the slogan for which is "Just do it, and nothing is impossible!" After class they gave me the logo from their bottle. It is an Adidas logo nestled in the curve of the Nike Swoosh. I will try to upload a scan of this work of art at some point.

Next I am presenting a feature I call "Evolution of the Minstrel Through Hats." Starting with the hat I came to China with, moving on to a hat I was given for an event, and ending with a hat I bought a couple weekends ago at a Japanese clothing store called "UniQLO." Let us commence:

Upon arrival

Cowboy up

You may notice that I have something of a beard now. This was mostly intentional. This post was originally going to be a bit longer, but these pictures took over an hour to upload. I will do another post tomorrow.