Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In Lijiang

Walter and I have arrived in Lijiang after a 12-hour overnight bus ride. We rode the sleeper bus, so we were on these little bed things. Actually, they were rather comfortable all things considered. They were maybe just a couple inches shorter than would have been ideal, but that's what comes of us tall Westerners using Chinese transit. We left Kunming around 20:00 and arrived in Lijiang just before 8:00.

I'm writing this from the Panba hostel in Old Town Lijiang. Lijiang is a UNESCO world heritage site, so there is part of the city that must be preserved for posterity and another part that is more modernized. It is cloudy today and we are so high up that the sun is having trouble making it up over the mountains to warm us. But the possibility of a beautiful day is written in the clouds and the sunrise.

More later.


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