Saturday, January 28, 2012

In Chengdu

Sorry I didn't do an update from Panzhihua. Things moved pretty quickly there and we ended up not really having enough time for me to blog.

So here's how stuff went down. Earlier in the week, on our first day of hiking in the Gorge, we met this really cool Chinese dude named Ken and we mentioned that we were planning to head to Chengdu via a city called Panzhihua. When Ken heard this, he got very excited because Panzhihua is where is parents live and where he would be for New Year. He was planning on leaving the Gorge a little before us, and gave us his phone number so he could help us settle in when we got there.

Long story short, we had a wonderful dinner with Ken, his parents, and some of his friends. Ken helped us find a decent and well-priced hotel very near to most anything we could want. The next day, we got our train tickets to Chengdu. The only ones available were for 4pm on the 27th. We arrived at the Chengdu station at 6:00am on the 28th. We checked into our hostel and took a nap and now I'm writing this blog post in the lobby of the Mix hostel.

More when more happens.


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  1. I know you are having a wonderful time. I'm envious!!! I'm glad I didn't know about the "van" incident until after it was over. I'm glad you are meeting wonderful people. Have fun; be safe.